What Happens When You Lose Your Hard Drive and Your Mind


This is my flash drive.

My flash drive holds about one tinybit of a teenybit.

flash drive

It’s crap.

And I might have used a word similar to crap when my hard drive died not once, but twice in the last six months, and I lost everything, everything, everything….

Because a flash drive equals crap.

But now I have this red hot sweet thang.

… a Seagate Free Agent GoFlex Ultra Portable hard drive red hot luvah!

It comes in black and blue too… but ptooey to that.

Seagate GoFlex

Apparently it holds one whopping amount of data – 500 GB of pretty pics and bloggy biz.

It’s plug and play, but blueviolet needed and wished for a manual.

Just sayin’, Seagate, just sayin’.

Seagate GoFlex installation

I did plug though. It did play.

And somehow I managed to get to this screen. I called it success.

Back up in progress.


And I found out it’s capable of cheating on my PC with a Mac.

Ain’t that sumthin’?

I think I’ll keep it. After all, it stores my secrets.

I received my Seagate red hot luvah for a review, and I didn’t get anything else, except the chance to spout the honest to goodness truth about it according to moi.

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